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A bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building and forming a bay in a room. Bay window is a generic term for all protruding window constructions, regardless of height. 

Bay windows are a classic. They give a sense of style without seeming too posh or daunting. Also they can be tailored to a range of styles, from an arc to a more contemporary hexagonal shape.

Croft Casement     Window

Casement windows remain the most popular, practical and versatile solution for replacement windows and because each window is tailor-made for your home, you can be as creative as you like in the design.

Casement windows can be locked in a night vent position for ventilation. You can also choose to have restricted hinge openings to keep the children safe. ‘Easy-clean’ openings on casement windows come as standard on all side opening windows. This makes the cleaning a little bit easier in those harder to reach places!

Croft Tilt & Turn     Window

Tilt and Turn windows are specially designed with practicality and functionality in mind!

They enable you to have a quick means of escape in the unlikely event of an emergency occurring.

The first rotation of the handle will allow the top of the window to tilt back into your room to provide natural ventilation.

A further rotation will allow you to pull the window fully inwards towards you, which will allow you to clean the outside very easily. It can’t do the cleaning for you, but the tilt and turn mechanism is a step in the right direction!


We provide high levels of security with multi-point locking systems and toughened glass.

Quality Manufacturing

Our windows are manufactured using a fully welded construction method to produce a superb, robust and technically sound finish.

Tailored to you

Our windows can be tailored to suit you and your home from classic Arc bay windows to contemporary Hexagonal.

Energy Efficient

All our windows are tested and meet BRFC standards.

Bay Window

Stunning finish!

Sash Horn

Different types.

Bay Window

Choose a variant of black!

Tilt and Turn

Good looking.

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Browse our stunning colour range, we have a whole range of colours to suit any home. Download a full colour guide here.

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